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Hard Lines Coffee Beans - Mexico

Hard Lines Coffee Beans - Mexico

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We’re big fans of Hard Lines in Cardiff, and wanted to bring a little piece of that action to Stockport. We use their espresso beans in our Gaggia espresso machine, and you can take home some too.

Mexico - Flores Magón - Whole Beans

Producer Partner: Eloxochitlán De Flores Magón

Region: Oaxaca, Sierra Mazateca

Country: Mexico

Altitude: 1500 - 1650 MASL

Variety: Typica, Mondo Novo, Bourbon

Processing: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Fruit and Nut

"Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón the town and its producer association go by the same name. Located in the remote Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca, Elox, as it is known by the locals, is the base of Raw Material’s operations in the region. 

The Sierra Mazateca mountain range is located to the north of Oaxaca city and forms much of the state’s border with Veracruz. The region is very remote, hard to access and marked by its steep and dramatic topography. The Mazateca is also known for it’s more mystic elements. The historical cultural connection to shamanism and psychoactive mushrooms saw it become an unlikely centre for alternative tourism in the 1960’s and 70’s. 

Today the region is rarely visited, and even in the coffee world it is often neglected due to the challenging conditions, remote locations and small production. Even by Oaxaca’s low standards production yields are tiny here in part due to the cool temperatures. Coffee is generally grown at 1500 metres and above in the Mazateca and at this latitude, these altitudes experience very low temperatures making frost damage a real issue for producers. 

This climate and these altitudes also contribute positively to the cup profile and in general, coffees from the Mazateca are among the most complex and highest quality in all of Mexico. The Eloxochitlán group is a loosely co-ordinated collection of producers from across the region. Most of these producers will harvest less than one bag of coffee per year and so this lot is made up of coffees from ten producers. 

Many producers here do not speak Spanish and Mazateco is the first language for the vast majority of people in the region. This can make organisation and co-ordination a little tougher but the quality and potential make the Mazateca one of the main focuses of our work in Mexico. 

Producer Ledger: Silvia Rosette , Antonia Ojeda, Fidel Montalvo, Joel Zaragoza , Ignacio Teran, Teresa Roque, Felipe Juarez, Eutiquia Romero, Gildo Cruz, Carmela RV"