Casa Brutus Issue 256
Casa Brutus Issue 256
Casa Brutus Issue 256
Casa Brutus Issue 256
Casa Brutus Issue 256
Casa Brutus Issue 256
Casa Brutus Issue 256

Casa Brutus Issue 256

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As ever we're very excited to welcome a new shipment of magazines to Rare Mags all the way from Japan. We calculate the Yen so you don't have to! We only have very small quantities on all our Japanese magazine titles so act fast.

"Chill Out in Nature Stylebook
for spending time with nature 100 camping equipment

a good lifestyle and design to spend at a mountain house .

With the transition to new daily life and changes in working styles such as remote work, more
and more people are starting to live in multiple locations by setting up homes and workplaces in places rich in nature.
On the other hand, the
camp scene where you can gather in the open air while maintaining a social distance and assemble your own living space in the wilderness is also thriving.
Why are you so attracted to being in nature now?
From the lifestyle of spending time in a mountain house to the camping style of enjoying nature, we
will feature the charm of time and tools to spend with nature based on case studies of connoisseurs!

Summer House
That person's mountain house
Mitsuo Suma (HIKE, LICHT) [Nagano / Tateshina]
Hiroshi Ito (groovisions) [Nagano / Suwa]
Ryoji Homma (stylist) [Kanagawa / Tanzawa]
Shield Takahashi / Taro Mizutani / Katsuhide Morimoto・ Tetsuya Nagato (UNDERCOVER PRODUCTION) [Kanagawa / Akiya]

Camping Style
Camping style and beautiful outdoor gear
[Tent system / furniture / storage / kitchen / bedroom]
Nicetime Mountain Gallery

What are you doing at the Activity campsite?

Studio Donuts (Design Studio) x Fly Fishing
Daisuke Kojima (Roaster, Barista) x Coffee Roasiting
Adrian Hogan (Illustrator) x Painting
Natsuko Kaneko (Stylist) + Yuka Yamato (DILL eat, DILL eat, life.) × Rock Climbing

Outdoor training A full course for camping that I thought of as a
smart bonfire
<ORGAN> Makoto Konno chef taught by bonfire master Masaya Ino

Tomoki Yuma Miracle Closet
Sho Sakurai A journey to learn campsites.
Ancient and modern East and West Kashiyuka Shoten
manager Tomomi Yama Design hunter
Keiko Kodera Restaurant forecast
Yoriko Hoshi Casa's Nekomura
Chill Cars A well-designed car that has been loved over time."