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Avant Issue 3

Avant Issue 3

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Very exciting times, the 3rd instalment of Avant is coming to Rare Mags from France in no time at all, and we want to give you the chance to secure a copy. We will be receiving the magazines in a little over a week and will ship orders out from that point. We don't get many, so get in early. We also have a small quantity of issue 1 and 2 coming too, complete your collection! Pre-order now. 

"In this third issue, An Anthology of French Workwear, we dig into the history of France with particular focus on the workers, the farmers and the peasants during the 19th and the 20th centuries

We converse with Tom Gruat, the king of French workwear, but also with Denis Bruna, curator in chief of the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris, and Frederic Marc Marion, vintage dealer and collector of French workwear. We also talk with six experts of French Workwear in Japan, so they can explain to us how it’s booming right now in Japan.

We visit Euro Costumes, a costume rental company in Pantin, near Paris, and we talk to its owner, Pascale Bourtequoi, who explain how she build a colossal stock of antique clothes. 

We also teach you how to recognize buttons on a French hunting jacket, and explain what moleskin really is. 

• Max Sardi : Shop manager of The Real McCoy’s London store, he is one of the first to share his knowledge on the Internet through the blog, Sanforized.
• Charles Lemons : The historian released a collection of books called Uniforms of the Us Army Ground Forces 1939-1945, a reference for every militaria fan.
• Jeff Spielberg : After more than thirty years in the business, he now houses one of the largest collections in the world. 


• Distant Rain : Unique cover painting by Brett Allen Johnson made exclusively for Avant Magazine.
• Memories of War : A series of WW2 pictures from Nick Soderstrom’s personal collection.
• Private Military Collection : Thirty-two rare pieces of military clothing from the collections of Eric Maggiori, Tom Gruat, and Gauthier Borsarello. 


Iconic Daisy Mae - How did the Military Uniform impact menswear - The best « repro » brands - Masterpiece : the 1908 US Army CAC denim shirt.""