Hard Lines Coffee Beans - Colombia - Frutas Rojas

Hard Lines Coffee Beans - Colombia - Frutas Rojas

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We’re big fans of Hard Lines in Cardiff, and wanted to bring a little piece of that action to Stockport. We use their House Party espresso beans in our Gaggia espresso machine, and you can take home some too.

Living up to its name, this cup is simply brimming with red fruits. This coffee hails from the well-known Huila region of Colombia comprised of ancient volcanoes and towering peaks. The rich volcanic soil and lush climate make it ideal terrain for crops especially coffee, the essential source of income for most farmers in the region.

The producer group that brings us this coffee is part of the Terra Verde Association. The cooperative allows the small family run farms of 1.5 hectares or less to continue their coffee production to a high standard. This preserves knowledge and experience that has been passed down through generations. Meanwhile all the farms operate within the structures of organic and clean agriculture and uphold strong commitments to environmental sustainability. Fostering the development of individual producers while combining their capacities means many farms can flourish together!

Origin: Colombia

Process: Washed

Tastes: Strawberry, cacao nibs, super sweet