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AnOther Issue 39 Autumn/Winter 20 (Janaya Future Khan Cover)

AnOther Issue 39 Autumn/Winter 20 (Janaya Future Khan Cover)

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AnOther Autumn/Winter 2020. Fight, Flight, Unite

Previously AnOther produced a magazine for women and men separately. To accommodate everyone, regardless of gender, they have now made the admirable decision to create just one magazine, 'For All'.

"AnOther The stories throughout the issue are named after ballets and operas – centuries-old acts of creative expression, around which people convene. And this is a magazine, a community, around which people have always gathered – we are so grateful, then and now, for their contributions. They not only enrich our history, they have made it. While we always thank people here, under the unique and frightening circumstances of 2020 our thanks take on a new gravity: this magazine could not exist without the passion and love of the image-makers, writers and creatives within its pages.  

Jane How made all the clothes for her story, inspired by specific pieces by some of her favourite designers; Katie Shillingford sent her edit of the season to Viviane Sassen in the Netherlands, where she photographed it in nature; Ellie Grace Cumming styled Susie Cave at her home in Brighton, in Alessandro Michele’s collections for Gucci, past and present."