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Art Monthly Issue 452
Art Monthly Issue 452
Art Monthly Issue 452
Art Monthly Issue 452

Art Monthly Issue 452

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Time and Place

James Benning interviewed by Mark Prince

It takes time to understand place. And the idea of this piece, of course, is to understand place in order to understand the people who lived in those places. I think of the whole project as a performance for one, for myself, and the installation as a summary or documentation of that performance.


Closed Loop

Morgan Quaintance argues that the art world will only break circles of power by recognising social and class-based inequality in more complex ways

Drawing attention to the reality of inequality in the UK is always the necessary and important foundational work in all progressive activity directed at redressing discriminatory practices, but it has now become part of the closed circle.


Art and Dyschronia

Bob Dickinson on art that reveals why right-wing populist governments are intent on rewriting history

The initials, standing for Welsh Not, were a stark reminder of the days, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when the Welsh language was illegal and schoolchildren overheard speaking it in class were made to wear a wooden board marked WN around their necks.


Us and Them

Tony Blair’s 1998 introduction of student fees effectively created a two-tier system for university students. Now there is an ever-widening divide between staff, including academics, and senior management whose corporate levels of pay are their reward for wielding the axe.

It is scandalous that university vice-chancellors on overinflated salaries seem to think doing nothing on pay, casualisation and inequality is acceptable in a sector awash with money.


Cheers Chancellor

The chancellor’s spending review delivered a welcome boost to the DCMS, but most additional funds are ringfenced for estate-management; some organisations receive further Cultural Recovery Funding; new culture secretary demonstrates her intentions in her first TV interview; the Science Museum draws ire for further cosying up with fossil-fuel conglomerates; plus the latest on galleries, people, prizes and more.


Jimmie Durham 1940–2021