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Art Monthly Issue 451
Art Monthly Issue 451
Art Monthly Issue 451
Art Monthly Issue 451
Art Monthly Issue 451
Art Monthly Issue 451

Art Monthly Issue 451

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Pinned Down

Hiwa K interviewed by Chris Clarke

For me, it is important in every work to be a betrayer, to not be loyal to my ideas. Otherwise you become a designer. And sometimes you have to surprise yourself. I cannot make a setting and stick to it, because I get stuck in it.

Remote Working

Saim Demircan finds that working remotely has given rise to new ways to think about accessibility, labour and authorship

Perhaps the absence of the artist commits a final act of anti-objectification, eschewing the prerequisite in the art world to be ‘everywhere’ at all times.

Crisis Communications

Chris Hayes argues that, despite its faults, social media can still be used a tool against powerful vested interests

Part of what fascinates me about the art world’s use of Instagram is this tension: how fluidly a vernacular of call-outs and accountability, calls to defund and abolish, are adopted and performed on platforms that are easily dismissed and rarely carry any stakes.


Adam Farrah

Larne Abse Gogarty tugs at the cultural references of the London-born artist also known as free.yard

Farah offers a way of negotiating nostalgia, sentiment and universality while asking viewers to negotiate their own particularities of class, race and history.



Why do cultural agencies persist with stifling bureaucratic language that acts as a barrier to non-corporate voices?

When applying for a grant, for example, the first test of eligibility appears to be whether the applicant can understand and negotiate – digest – the sheer quantity of verbiage required in the process.


University Action

University lecturers go on strike at the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths; Cuban artist Tania Bruguera agrees to political exile in return for the release of activists; Manchester’s Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art restructures in response to accusations of institutional racism; Unesco finally recommends that the Parthenon Sculptures be returned to Greece; plus the latest on galleries, people, prizes and more.


Thea Djordjadze: all building as making

Mark Prince

Gregg Bordowitz: I Wanna Be Well

Benoit Loiseau

Peggy Ahwesh: Vision Machines

Adam Hines-Green

Margate Now: Sunken Ecologies

Ellen Mara De Wachter

Tip of the Iceberg

Matthew Bowman

Illiberal Arts

Luisa Lorenza Corna

Angelica Mesiti: In the Round

Tom Denman

Untitled: Art on the conditions of our time

Greg Thomas

Gustav Metzger at the Merz Barn