Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection
Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection
Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection
Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection
Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection
Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection

Avant - Eric Maggiori's Collection

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Stock has arrived, We have very limited copies available, secure a copy now. We will also be acquiring a restock of all 3 previous volumes of Avant, also available for pre order. 

In this first special issue of AVANT (“hors-série” in French), we focuses on Eric Maggiori’s collection.

Founder of AVANT, Eric developed a passion for vintage clothing after a trip to Tokyo in 2003. For ten years, he has collected American workwear and militaria, from the Gold Rush period to World War II.

In this publication, he opens the doors of his collection, and showcases the best pieces he has been able to get his hands on. Including, when possible, the story that comes with each item; because every piece of clothing has a story to tell.

Printed with a gold foil stamp. 196 pages of exclusive content. A limited edition of 1000 copies with a certificate.

Chapter I : American Workwear

Gold Rush and Pioneers
The Gold Rush: everything about this period is fascinating. So are the miners clothing.
Why do work clothes are so moving? Maybe because they still carry the weight of the hard labor put in by their owners.
J.L. Stifel and Sons
Thanks to their exceptional fabric quality (and crazy boot logo), Stifel products have reached an absolute state of grace.
Western Wear
Western fashion appeals to everyone’s subconscious; to the cultural and historical background of the United States and its people.

Chapter II : Military Clothing

US Army
The US Army fatigue uniforms from 1900-1945 are, by far, Eric’s favorite items when it comes to American militaria.
US Navy
Denim outfits worn by US Navy soldiers during World War II had a strong unconscious impact on the world after the War.
US Air Force
There is just something fascinating about the jackets worn by members of the US Air Force. Maybe because they all reached for the sky?

And also…

One day in Colorado
In 2015, Eric explored an old mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado, with denim hunter Bryan Kahtava.
Eric’s collection on display in Paris
From December 8, 2020 to January 22, 2022, part of Eric’s collection is on display at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie de Paris, in an exhibition titled JEAN.
Eric also wanted to share his vision of vintage clothing, its impact and its heritage.