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Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1
Avant Issue 1

Avant Issue 1

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We decided on the release of issue 3 to allow collectors to gain access to the previous two issues. Copies will be arriving with us towards the end of September, get your orders in now to secure. 

We're very excited to have got hold of some copies of issue one, issue 2 has gone down extremely well and is also available us.

"In this first volume called An Anthology of American Workwear, we dig into workwear clothing during the California Gold Rush. 

We converse with Brit Eaton, denim archeologist and Rin Tanaka, founder of The Inspiration Show, discuss denim hunting with Bryan and Melody Kahtava, and portrait Jacob Davis, the inventor of the rivet.

We explore United Costume, one of the most reputed costume house of Hollywood and investigate the love of american workwear in Japan.

We also teach you how to recognize the era of a clothing according to it’s tag and bring you into the real story of the Californian Gold Rush.


• Denim Hunters : they explore gold mines and ghost towns to find old denim
• A view from United Costume, the most famous costume house in Hollywood
• The Portrait of Jacob Davis, inventor of the rivet : the man behind Levi’s success • One Century of Workwear in the movies
• Heritage Brands gets a second life


• Wouter Munnichs, denim specialist and founder of Long John
• Larry McKaughan, founder of Heller’s Cafe and vintage collector • Josh Sirlin, founder of Black Bear Brand
• Brit Eaton, denim archeologist


• Unique cover painting made by Mark Maggiori for Avant Magazine.
• Instants from the Past : a serie of antique pictures collected by Bandit Photographer • Road Trip, watercolor illustrations of the West America by Magali Brueder.
• Workwear Still Life, photographies by Gauthier Borsarello.


How to recognize the era of a denim clothing by its tag - The big directory of workwear brands - Instigation in Tokyo and the japanese madness of american workwear - Stifel Story, the golden fabric - Never Rip my denim - Californian Gold Rush : how everything really began."