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Hard Lines Coffee Beans - Burundi - Mubuga

Hard Lines Coffee Beans - Burundi - Mubuga

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We’re big fans of Hard Lines in Cardiff, and wanted to bring a little piece of that action to Stockport. We use their House Party espresso beans in our Gaggia espresso machine, and you can take home some too.

Burundi - Mubuga - Whole Beans


A juicy fruit banger with a creamy body from the small hold farmers of the Gitega Province.

REGION: Gitega Province
VARIETY: Red Bourbon
PROCESS: Natural

Tasting Notes: Raspberry & Key Lime Pie

Mubuga coffee washing station serves smallholder farmers in the surrounding hills of Gitega Province. Farmers have the option of taking their harvest directly to the station, or to be sold at one of a few locally placed collection points. Delivery of cherry wherever it is dropped off begins with weight checks, alongside flotation of a small sample of the bag’s cherries. Low density (floating) cherry is deemed unsuitable for specialty export, but is processed regardless, and sold as a lower grade coffee. High density cherry is then taken to be sorted by hand, visually looking for defects that will affect flavour. This natural lot is then moved to the raised beds, to dry slowly, with consistent airflow and rotation by the station staff. To ensure a consistent temperature and humidity, the cherry is covered during rainfall, the high sun, and at night.