Hard Lines Coffee - Rwanda - Gahengeri

Hard Lines Coffee - Rwanda - Gahengeri

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We’re big fans of Hard Lines in Cardiff, and wanted to bring a little piece of that action to Stockport. We use their House Party espresso beans in our Gaggia espresso machine, and you can take home some too.

Origin: Rwanda

Region: Gahengeri

Producer: Emmanuel Rusarita

Altitude: 1500 - 1800 MASL

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Clean, Sweet and Zesty! A well balanced coffee with a beautiful clarity. super easy drinking!


Emmanuel Rusarita founded Baho Coffee in the early 2000s. His choice of name means a lot: “Baho” is a very common word in Rwanda to comfort friends and family going through a tough time. Coming from a family with roots in coffee, he has established his company on a philophy: “Through coffee, people of different cultures become one community.”

Baho Coffee operates washing stations around the country and benefits from strong relationships with the local producers. This connection to local traditions and cultures inspires them to develop new experimental processes or varieties.


Emmanuel and his team believe in the traditional practices of the previous generations and try to apply their techniques to coffee processing. This is how they started experimenting the now-called “Intango” coffee. Intango is a clay pot in Kinyarwanda, the local language. It has been used for centuries to create a special beer made of bananas. Historically, this beverage was prepared by the kings and given to soldiers as a reward for their achievement and engagement. Over- time, it became a sign of appreciation given to special guests. As his grandparents created beers in Intangos, Emmanuel is now process-ing coffees in those pots.

After being sorted, the coffee cherries are hermetically placed in the clay pots - no water, no chemicals added. They ferment there between 40 and 100 hours, before being rinsed and dried on raised beds to a 12-12,5% moisture rate.