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LOST iN Milan
LOST iN Milan
LOST iN Milan
LOST iN Milan

LOST iN Milan

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A flamingo garden, slow food markets, a secret bar, traditional trattorias, hidden masterpieces of Italian design... Get lost in the ice-cool northern city!

LOST iN Milan is—
68 technicolour pages filled with tips on:
Outdoor activities & wellness

> Includes 5 long-form interviews with celebrated locals on their relationship with Milan and their absolute favourite spots in town
> A selection of the hottest places to visit in two of the city’s most charismatic neighbourhoods
> A selection of our top picks for the entire city
> An in-depth story on the city’s rich design heritage
> A surreally quotidian photo showcase 
> An original piece of fiction
> Shopping guide
> Recommended books, films & music to get you in the Milan state of mind