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Men’s File Issue 4

Men’s File Issue 4

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This is a one off item from our rarities collection. The condition of the magazine is very good with some very slight edge wear and marking.

The Family Issue, Brough Superior, Ivy League, prefab houses, motorcycles. 

Men’s File started as a journal the brought together styles from the UK, Northern Europe, the US and Japan. Mixing moderninst and mid-century motorcycle, hotrod, cycle skate and surf cultures with a new interest amongst style-driven males for hand-made items, Men’s File has used the term “Revival” to describe this phenomenon and thus it fits with our notions of style, heritage and social relevance succinctly. Revival today is a reaction against the values and aesthetics of the so-called metro-sexual man and the whimsical presentation of modern male fashion. Not since the edgy fanzines of the punk era has a magazine acted as a cultural editor for a particular style-based movement.