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N+1 Issue 37
N+1 Issue 37
N+1 Issue 37
N+1 Issue 37

N+1 Issue 37

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Coronavirus in the body, coronavirus in the prisons. The undocumented at Ground Zero. “We take issue with core aspects of American foreign policy!” Decarcerate sex offense, socialize heath care. Ari M. Brostoff on Vivian Gornick, Francesco Pacifico on Francesco Pacifico. Fiction by Lynne Tillman, Percival Everett, and Danial Haghighi.



Epilogue for a Way of Life

The Decameron came to mind first, but as the weeks went on, our minds wandered to reruns of The Jetsons that we used to watch as kids. A smug depiction of an optimized society so stratified that its beneficiaries literally lived above the clouds, The Jetsons always made us wonder about all the people living below, on Earth, in cities abandoned by the techno-optimists of the future. Now we knew.

From Now On, I Vow to Read Only Fiction

I admire those who are stable enough to keep reading essays. From now on, I vow to read only fiction. For me, the well of individual experience has run dry, the mountain been mined, the carcass picked clean.
Living Inside
The virus tours my organ systems, wreaking havoc at each checkpoint. My girlfriend likewise personifies it, thinking of the virus as a sci-fi invader. She tells me she imagines it taking up temporary residence in her brain, the command center, maneuvering a joystick across her sensory receptors.
And much more.