Popeye Issue 892
Popeye Issue 892
Popeye Issue 892
Popeye Issue 892
Popeye Issue 892
Popeye Issue 892

Popeye Issue 892

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The Good Music issue from Popeye, we bring these in to the country direct, every issue, so now you know where to come!

Anyway, I need good music.
-Let's find good music.

Because I can't imagine a summer without music.
It's an era when more than 70 million songs are on the palm of your hand, but
you want to come across important music that you'll want to keep on your side.
Sweet Chicano soul, springing South London scene music,
NY street sounds, Japanese track makers and folk singers.
Even anison has a good song in our body that is squeezed in without saying anything.
This time too, I made a playlist of songs featured and posted on Spotify.
Read while listening and have a nice summer!
Search for “popeyemagazine” from your PC / www.spotify.com!
Download the "Spotify" app from the MOBILE / App Store or Google Play Store and search for "popeyemagazine"!

First of all, listen to this musician!
For those who are looking for good music, we would like to introduce 19 groups recommended by Popeye, such as ONYX Collective and KHRUANGBIN.
There are various genres such as jazz, Chicano soul, rock and folk. It also covers track makers.
Read it carefully while listening to Spotify playlists.

MUSIC & THE CITY South London Munich
Cultures mix and new music is born. Local coverage of the city where good music is ringing.
The story of South London's jazz and rock that I've always been interested in, and Munich's familiar club music that I'm curious about.

Let's find it on the CD.
If you enter "CD" on the search site, the top of the related words will be "How to throw away" ...!
No, wait a minute. In fact, there is music that can't be overlooked because it's a CD. And it's a great deal.
The town's CD shop is a treasure trove of good music. Let's review its charm now.

PHYSICAL COLUM: Even on vinyl. / Even with a cassette. Consider the records and cassettes that are already booming
among the analog physical that is attracting attention as a counter
to subscriptions.

Watch Music Video and Love Music More.
A story about two videographers and a music video that only deals with good music.
Music video that musicians like.
Rina Yang filmed the music video for Hikaru Utada, directed by Hideaki Anno.
Ryosuke Tanzawa, a director who has won great trust in the street music scene in NY.
Introducing the two MV creators and their works.
In addition, VIDEOTAPEMUSIC, Satoko Shibata, Mahito the People, and Ryota Miyake talk about their favorite music videos.

Movies and dramas are places where you can meet music.
Encounters of Good Soundtracks
You're not listening more than a subscription, right? Let's review the soundtrack more now.
A dialogue between director Josh Safdi and musician OPN, a new generation of famous tags in the NY film industry.
Interview with James Gunn, director of the new The Suicide Squad.
A drama dialogue between STUTS & Homecomings and Yuki Fukutomi.

The music that person came across.
never young beach, Yuma Abe, DJ Towa Tei.
What is the music that two people of different generations and different music make in their lives?

BGM is also good.
Good music is right next to us, without having to rush to find anything.
You see, for example, the BGM of that favorite store. Even in
everyday life , such as eating gohan and shopping, there are wonderful encounters with music.

Introduction to anime songs.
I've heard it since I was a child, and I've had memories with it, and I still hum it at the moment.
It's time to listen to the endlessly expanding anime song as "music", even though it's always on the side!
Guided by the stories of masters such as composer Kohei Tanaka and Shiro Sagisu, he touched on the love of Thundercat and Flying Lotus, and met voice actor Takuya Sato.
Let's step into Anison World. A 16-page Book in Book.