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Somesuch Stories Issue 3
Somesuch Stories Issue 3
Somesuch Stories Issue 3

Somesuch Stories Issue 3

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Somesuch Stories is a biannual magazine of essays and stories by rising, contemporary writers. Whether fact of fiction; straight, wry or absurd, the pieces inside provide illuminating takes on topics within the realms of culture, nature, sex and society.

Issue 3 contains eleven pieces of writing exploring ideas around disorientation, orientation and reorientation.

Stemming from palpable confusion following geopolitical upheavals,

mixed with concerns about the unpredictability of our collective future –

the essays and short stories within examine ways in which humans attempt to root themselves,

as well as contemplating specific states of discombobulation and dislocation.


The Girl Who Learned to Kneel by Fiona Alison Duncan
– divinity, mysticism, sexuality and diary-writing as ritual, now and in 1940s Amsterdam

In Search of Virtual Synaesthesia by Josie Thaddeus-Johns
– multi-sensory perception, contextology and virtual reality

In Which We May Honour Our Boats by Ana Cecelia Alvarez
– Édouard Glissant’s works, and their deep relevance to humanity’s current predicament

The Red Maiden by Emma-Lee Moss
– matchmakers, and the phenomenon of ‘left-over’ women in present day China

Matrescence by Lucy Jones
– the crisis of identity that shakes the psyche during early motherhood

Essex, An Island off London by Tim Burrows
– investigation into Essex's isolated island communities

Short stories

Hourglass, Figured by Eley Williams
– a meditation on the symbols that denote the passing of time and frustrated digital flux

Yawning into the Staring Abyss Again by Trevor Shikaze
– a Wise Owl, a bread box and the futility of scrabbling for meaning

Kozłowski and Louka by Angela Dimitrakaki
– concerning lovers thwarted by geopolitical strictures in present day Europe

Night Wind by Eloghosa Osunde
– superstitions, societal mores and religiosity in Nigeria

A Bright Young Thing by Jessica Andrews
– on feeling adrift in a place that once anchored you