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Touch The Sky With Your Eye
Touch The Sky With Your Eye

Touch The Sky With Your Eye

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An ABC book of poetic actions to be realised as soon as possible.

Touch the sky with your eye is a children’s artist book designed by American artist David Horvitz. In the form of a bilingual alphabet, it offers to the young audiences familiarity with 26 words and concepts in English and French.

The publication is also an opportunity to develop for each letter a performative action to make a collection of poetic instruments.

As part of the tradition of conceptual action books, David Horvitz proposes for Jean Boîte Éditions a long poem that will immerse adults in the children's imagination while allowing them to pay close attention to the nature that surrounds them. To play with the notion of stretching time or to move the immateriality of certain elements.

From “In a forest find a tree as tall as you” to “write a poem to a mountain”, the ensemble is richly illustrated with 26 watercolors by David Horvitz, and translated into French by the artist Julien Bismuth.