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Edited by Nate Lippens

Truant features writing and art that addresses queer self-exile: the stories of dropouts, throwaways and runaways; how withdrawal can be a matter of survival, refusal and renewal; what we will not do, allow or accept, personally, politically and artistically; and the power of absence as presence.


Jimmy cooper
Neil Davies
Matthew Gallaway
Zach Grear
Jason Haaf
Matthew Kinlin
Katie Kurtz
Lindsay Lerman
Nate Lippens
Fisher Main
Erik Moore
Eileen Myles
Elle Nash
Golnoosh Nour
Matthew Stadler
Ranee Zaporski

Cover image by Erik Moore

About the editor

Nate Lippens is a writer from Wisconsin. His fiction has appeared in the anthologies Little Birds (Filthy Loot, 2021), Responses to Derek Jarman’s Blue (Pilot Press, 2022), and Pathetic Literature, edited by Eileen Myles (Grove, 2022). His debut novel, My Dead Book, was published in 2022.

Published by Pilot Press