Wire Issue 455
Wire Issue 455
Wire Issue 455
Wire Issue 455

Wire Issue 455

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Rewind 2021: The year in sound and music:

Releases Of The Year: We asked our contributors to nominate their top ten records, CDs, downloads and streams of the year, then we added up the votes.

Critics’ Reflections: Our contributors reflect on where we are now via 2021’s cultural highs and lows.

Tunings: Not to scale. By Clive Bell.

Disability & Inclusion: Open systems. By Robyn Steward.

Formats: Vinyl frontiers. By Rob Turner.

Fourth Worlds: Rootless music. By Neil Kulkarni.

Columnists’ Charts: Our specialist critics select music that shook their corner of the subculture, from avant rock to noise.

Archive Releases Of The Year: Our contributors voted for their top ten archival records, CDs, downloads and streams, and we counted them all up.

Invisible Jukebox: Loré Lixenberg × Elaine Mitchener: The two experimental vocalists subject each other to a mystery record selection.

Saadet Türköz: Kazakh and Turkish traditions meet borderless creativity for the experimental vocalist. By Daniel Spicer

Klankvorm: New beginnings for the Netherlands multimedia duo. By Holly Dicker

Giant Claw: It’s a wobbly world for Orange Milk founder Keith Rankin. By Emily Bick

Matthias Muche: Trombone density from the Cologne based musician and composer. By Julian Cowley

Global Ear: Seoul: Flux and mutability in the South Korean capital. By James Gui

Unlimited Editions: smallest functional unit

Unofficial Channels: Contextual Dissemination

The Inner Sleeve: Reiko & Tori Kudo on Brigitte Fontaine’s Comme À La Radio

Epiphanies: A Florida residency teaches Haley Fohr aka Circuit Des Yeux the importance of environment

Print Run: New music books: rock ’n’ roll lightning, Arthur Russell’s bubblegum, the incomplete Steve Lacy, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Caroline Kraabel London 26 And 28 March 2020: Imitation: Inversion; Klein Care

On Location: Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Berlin Jazzfest, Alternating Current 2021, L’Rain, Plus-Minus Ensemble, and more

On Site: Recent art events: People Like Us Gone, Gone Beyond; Nina Thomas & Fern Thomas The Hidden Noise

Soundcheck: Eve Adams, Alya Al-Sultani & Mariam Rezaei, Arca, Bad Tracking, Bardo Todol Y Sus Aves Sin Nido, Beauty Pill, David Behrman, Betamax Vs Clive Bell, Calhau!, Chris Campbell, Anla Courtis & Stefan Neville, Dark Sky Burial, Seven Davis Jr, Dead Space Chamber Music, Adrián Demoč, Die Wilde Jagd, Thomas Dimuzio/Jon Leidecker/ Alan Courtis, Wendy Eisenberg, Rufus Isabel Elliot, JJJJJerome Ellis, Embryo, Fionnlagh, Mabe Fratti & Concepción Huerta, Garcia Peoples, GCOM, GLOR1A, Grove, Dan Haywood, Helado Negro, Eiko Ishibashi, Daniel Jones & Phil Julian, Joyul, Phil Julian, Kinlaw & Franco Franco, James Brandon Lewis, Lolina, Luce Celestiale, Luciano Maggiore, Tony Malaby, Jeff Mills & Rafael Leafar, Hedvig Mollestad, Francisco Mora Catlett, Kensho Nakamura, Niagara, Nonexistent, NOUS with Laraaji & Arji OceAnanda, Duane Pitre, Propan, Phil Ranelin, Julia Reidy, David Ross & Clive Bell, Nala Sinephro, Wadada Leo Smith’s Great Lakes Quartet, Wadada Leo Smith/Vijay Iyer/Jack DeJohnette, Himali Singh Soin & David Soin Tappeser, The Splatter Trio, Sunn O))), Max Syedtollan & Plus-Minus Ensemble, Ayumi Tanaka, Ghédalia Tazartès, Ghédalia Tazartès & Rhys Chatham, Tender Buttons, They Might Be Giants, John Tilbury, Trees Speak, Umlaut Big Band, Christian Wallumrød, Patrick Ward, Wild Rani, Peter Zummo, Various Common Ground Vol 1, Various Intentions, Various Open Space Vol 2

The Boomerang: Hasaan Ibn Ali, Elton Dean Quartet, The Dream Syndicate, Denis Dufour, Thomas Leer & Robert Rental, Charles Mingus, Mordant Music, Mouth Congress, Adam Pacione, Steppenwolf, Suzukiski