Wort Issue 1
Wort Issue 1
Wort Issue 1
Wort Issue 1
Wort Issue 1
Wort Issue 1
Wort Issue 1

Wort Issue 1

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Olly Cameron – Rooting Myself

Herbalism as a route to connection for queer, autistic people

Ríona Ní Riagáin – Abortion Herbs of Ireland 

The struggle for legalisation in Ireland and illustrations of herbs used historically for abortion

erhan – Radical Herbalism Reading List

Resources in support of the cultivation of a holistic perspective to help us strive towards a more radical herbalism

Anja Van Geert – Foraging: An Exploration Based on Science and Soul

A look at foraging from multiple perspectives including intuitive practice and insights from population ecology

Paine B. Hoehne – Project Focus: The Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais

A look at the work of the Mobile Herbal Clinic Calais, providing preventative medicine, self-care support, first aid, and healthcare to refugees and undocumented migrants living in Northern France, written by a member of the collective

Fanny Mae – Herbal Poems

From the land, through the heart, via word and hand… illustrated poetic meetings with four plant beings

Beth Maiden – Vervain: Simpler’s Joy, Holy Herb

Ethereal, yet tasting of earth, experiencing vervain as a bridge between the body and the mind, uniting sensation and perception

Leo Qawas – Folk Herbalism: The Unwritten Strand of Herbal History

Charting an excluded lineage of oral and community-embedded traditions of herbalism

Annie Randall – Cyanotypes: Using Light to Reconnect

Artworks exploring human relationships with nature, created with a simple photographic process using natural sunlight

Em Swift – On Finding Beauty

Reflections on the teaching of native weeds in finding solace, sanctuary and beauty amidst the crushing weight of the depression, dehumanisation and brutality that shapes the times we live in

Matilde Wyrdlea and Libby Bove – Plant Medicine and the Tarot

The first in a series looking at Tarot and Plant Medicine as allies to psycho-emotional health and exploring tarot through a traumatised lens