*New Date - 02/05/24 - Jonathan Buckley And Nicholas Royle Talk Tell

'Curtis Doyle, a self-made businessman and art collector, has vanished from his palatial home in the Scottish Highlands. In the wake of his disappearance, the woman who worked as his gardener is interviewed for a possible film about her employer. A work of strange and intoxicating immediacy published by Fitzcarraldo, exploring wealth, the art world, and the intimacy and distance between social classes, Tell is a probing and complex examination of the ways in which we make stories of our own lives and of other people’s.'

Come and join us in Stockport on Thursday 2nd May while Nicholas Royle discusses Tell with the author Jonathan Buckley. Sitting somewhere within the peripheries of a murder mystery but without the murder? Tell explores and plays with who we are to everyone else and to ourselves.

Tickets are £5 and include a drink on arrival. Doors from 6.30, event starts at 7.30.

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