22/02/24 - Film Stock Film Night - Mandabi

Back with another one! Join us for the next Film Stock screening, held in our cellar on Thursday 22 February.

Experience one of the foundational films of African cinema, Mandabi [The Money Order] (1968). The first film ever completed entirely in an African language (Wolof), this satirical mix of the absurd and the all-too-real inspired a wave of films across Senegal and beyond. An unemployed man receives an unexpected money order from a relative. Chaos ensues.

From overbearing bureaucracy to manipulative neighbours, Mandabi lays bare the incompatibility of capitalism and humanity. Sembène’s touch, comic and cruel, make what could be as fun as waiting in a doctor’s office into a deeply funny, frustrating, and memorable masterpiece.

Ticket price now includes a free drink on arrival! Film starts at 7pm, doors at 6.

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