28/03/24 - Film Stock Film Night - Bait

Join us for the next Film Stock on Thursday 28 March, featuring — for the first time ever — a film from the 21st century! Not that you could tell by looking at it. Filmed on a 16mm Bolex handcranked by the director himself, Bait is a modern miracle of British cinema, despite its modest means.

A Cornish fisherman tries to save up to buy a boat. Intimate small town drama foregrounds our developing national crises, from the frustrations of familial strife to battles with AirBnB owners. Mark Jenkin’s microbudget debut may look like an antique, but its prescient messages are more and more important not even 5 years since its release.

Ticket price includes a free drink on arrival! Film starts at 7pm. Doors from 6.

Tickets available here.