30/5/24 - Film Stock - Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans

Cinema was never really the same after Sunrise (1927). Join us for the film that changed things forever as German Expressionism goes Hollywood in this genre-hopping tour de force with images unlike anything seen before (or, arguably, since). 

A married man is caught in the thrall of a vacationing vamp and her promises of the city’s spectacles, tempting him to commit unspeakable acts to escape his stagnant rural life.

Somehow balancing horror, comedy, romance, and melodrama with ease, Sunrise is not just a landmark film in the development of the medium, but a touching fable about the tides of love that reverberates all the way through to today. And features the best pig chasing scene you’ll see all year!

Ticket price includes a free drink on arrival! Film starts at 7pm. Doors from 6.

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