16/3 - Little Musicians X Rare Mags

Little Musicians x Rare Mags.
We currently have a baby book club, but what if you've got a 'big girl' or a 'big boy'? Well now, those tiddlers can come and make some noise in our cellar.
Supported by Stockport Town Of Culture, on the afternoon of Saturday 16th March, Sophie of Little Musicians Heaton Moor will be teaching your little musician how to make some music.
2pm - 2-3yrs
3pm - 4-5yrs
Tickets here. (Just buy the child/children a ticket).

Come and join our exciting musical journey, where we explore sounds, songs and rhythms with real musicianship at its core.

Led by a professional musician, children will be introduced to the amazing world of music through fun songs, games and musical instruments which will inspire, educate and develop the musical ear of even the youngest budding musician.

Tickets are limited due to space and we're happy to accommodate siblings if you've got an extra one (please buy them both tickets).
Come and make noise in a bookshop!